Historical Geography

Volume 26 1998

Gender and the City

Guest Editor: Doreen J. Mattingly

Gender and the City in Historical Perspective: An Introduction
Doreen J. Mattingly

Women, Urban Life, and City Images in Tijuana, Mexico
Silvia Lopez Estrada

Trashy Women: Gender and the Politics of Garbage in Chicago, 1890-1917
Eileen McGurty

She Hath Done What She Could: Community, Citizenship, and Place Among Women in Late-Nineteenth-Century Colorado
Meghan Cope

Gender and the Politics of Scale: The Christian Right, Sex Education, and "Community" in Vista, California, 1990-1994
Doreen J. Mattingly


Women, Difference, and the Public Terrain
Sarah Deutsch

Blurred Boundaries: Humanism and Social Science in Historical Geography
J. Nicholas Entrikin


Reading (Post)Colonial History: Masculinity, "Race," and Rebellious Natives in the Waikato, New Zealand, 1863
Lawrence D. Berg

You Can't Get There From Here: An Appalachian Trail
Douglas Reichert Powell

Converting Minerals into Merchandise: Landownership and Environmental Alteration in the George's Creek Valley of Western Maryland, 1789-1842
Geoffrey Buckley

Old Versus New - Timber Analysis of Acre and Haifa in Nineteenth-Century Palestine
Nili Liphschitz and Gideon Biger


American Society for Environmental History Biennial Conference
Baltimore, Maryland, 1997

Paul F. Starrs

20th International Congress of History of Science Leige, Belgium, 1997
Steven L. Driever

Eastern Historical Geographers Association Annual Meeting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1997
Robert Summerby-Murray

Social Science History Association Washington, D.C., 1997
Anne Kelly Knowles