Historical Geography

Volume 28 2000

Geography, Law, and Legal Geographies

Guest Editor: Benjamin Forest


Placing the Law in Geography
Benjamin Forest

The Power to be Silent: Testimony, Identity, and the Place of Place
Michael R. Curry

Of Minds and Bodies and the Legal-Spatial Constitution of Sanctuary
David Delaney

The Law of the Land: Local-National Dialectic and the Making of the United States-Mexico Boundary
Joseph Nevins

From Poor Law to Immigration Law: Changing Visions of Territorial Community in Antebellum Massachusetts
Kunal M. Parker

"Acts," "Deeds," and the Violences of Property
Nicholas K. Blomley

Geographies of Legal Resistance: Legal Clinic Struggles to Empower Marginalized Groups
Vera Chouinard

Place and Region in American Legal Culture: State Origins of Landmark Supreme Court Cases
Stanley D. Brunn, Fred M. Shelley, Gerald R. Webster, and Wael M. Ahmed


The Way Cartography Was: A Snapshot of Mapping and Map Use in 1900
Mark Monmonier and Elizabeth Puhl


Representation and the Reproduction of Appalachian Space: A History of Contested Signs and Meanings
Stephen P. Hanna

Playing Chess with Churches: Russian Orthodoxy as Re(li)gion
Dmitri Sidorov

The Murals of Moose Jaw: Commodification or Articulation of the Past?
Randy William Widdis


SSHA Conference Report: A GIS Turn in Social Science History
Anne Kelly Knowles

ASEH Conference Review
Geoffrey L. Buckley and Craig E. Colten


Paul Wheatley (1921-99)
Philippe Forêt