Historical Geography

Volume 31 2003

The Louisiana Purchase Territory


The Louisiana Purchase Territory: Historical Geographers' Perspectives
Craig E. Colten and Dydia DeLyser, co-editors
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Thomas Jefferson and the Mountain of Salt: Presidential Image of Louisiana Territory
John L. Allen
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Bayou St. John: Strategic Waterway of the Louisiana Purchase
Craig E. Colten
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Roots in the Wetlands
Gay M. Gomez
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The Enduring French Creole Community of Old Mines, Missouri
Walter A. Schroeder
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Small Towns, Railroads, and Ethnicity
John Fraser Hart
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The Big Empty
John C. Hudson
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Karen M. Morin
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Theodore Roosevelt National Park: Where the Great Spirit Shrugged
Deborah E. Popper
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The Dearborn River Confluence: Montana's Northwest Passage
John B. Wright
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Critical Theory and Culture in the Practice of Historical Geography: A British Perspective
Cheryl McEwan
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More than "competent description of an intractably empty landscape": A Strategy for Critical Engagement with Historical Photographs
Joan M. Schwartz
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Early Twentieth Century Networks of Ethnicity: The Galveston Movement
Susan W. Hardwick
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Obstacles to Infrastructure Provision: The Struggle to Build Comprehensive Sewer Works in Baltimore
Christopher G. Boone
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