Historical Geography

Volume 35 2007

U.S. Parks and Protected Areas

Guest Editors: Lary Dilsaver and Terence Young


U.S. Parks and Protected Areas: Origins, Meanings and Management
Lary Dilsaver and Terence Young
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Inventing Yosemite Valley: National Parks and the Language of Preservation
Yves Figueiredo
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Cape Hatteras: Birth of the National Seashore
Langdon Smith
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The Beach versus “Blade Runner”: Recasting Los Angeles’ Relationship to Modernity
Ron Davidson
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Defining Uncle Sam’s Playgrounds: Railroad Advertising and the National Parks, 1917-1941
Peter Blodgett
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Why Lewis and Clark Matter: History, Landscape and Regional Identity
Cindy Ott
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Integrating Preservation and Development at Yellowstone’s Upper Geyser Basin, 1915-1940
Karl Byrand
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The Strange Career of a Florida State Park: Uncovering a Jim Crow Past
William O'Brien
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A Water Wilderness: Battles over Values and Motorboats on Yellowstone Lake
Michael J. Yochim
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Risk and Behavioral Regional Investment: A Case Study of Speculation in the Nineteenth-century Oil Industry of Pennsylvania
Richard G. Healey
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Rapid Settlement Diffusion: The Development of the Semi-Peripheral Region North of San Francisco, California, 1850- 1880
Samuel Otterstrom
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